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Sylvia is incredibly grateful to be part owner of Sit Stay Play!  What could be better than hanging out with dogs and cats all day?  Throughout her life, she has cared for dogs, cats, fish, mice, guinea pigs and even snakes. To her, her fur babies are her kids so she definitely understands how very important her job is as a pet sitter!  Along with her pet CPR certification, Sylvia has a bachelor’s degree in music.  Her husband, Michael, is also an avid animal lover.  He has raised and loved many pets throughout his life, but his favorites have definitely been his cats!

Sylvia and Michael have the joy of raising their two dogs; a malti-poo named Cooper and a miniature poodle named Tucker, and their cat, Beanie.  They look forward to sharing their love of animals with your pets and carrying on the standard of care and compassion that Katy and Bo have established with Sit Stay Play!

Laura with her dog Max - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, OK

Laura is a Tulsa native and grew up around dogs, cats, frogs, and fish. As far back as she can remember her family and extended family have always owned multiple dogs, which were always considered to be part of the family. She loves to spoil her dogs with long walks, car rides, treats, or just some good old-fashioned attention. Laura’s first pet was a Goldfish named Freddie, now she is the proud owner of Max, an Australian Shepherd mix, who she rescued a few years ago. When Laura is not spending time with Max, she is training for Spartan Races, playing soccer, reading, cooking/baking, or hanging out with family and friends.

Jes - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pet Sitting Tulsa - Dog Walking Tulsa

Jes adores animals and nature! She has cared for pets and barnyard animals all over the world from Paris to Vancouver Island to Austin to our lovely Tulsa. Throughout her life, she has loved and cared for cats, dogs, birds, chickens, turtles, hamsters, horses, goats, and even a pet caterpillar named Kitty. She lives in a tiny home with her black kitty, Zero, and they are frequently caught playing piano and gardening together. Jes is a songwriter/singer/musician so you may also find her singing to your babies at times. In addition to her deep love of pets, traveling, gardening, and music, she is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and is fascinated by the world of holistic nutrition for humans, as well as animals. If you have any questions about health concerns your pet may have, be sure to ask, and she may just have a natural cure idea up her sleeve.


Cathy is a Tulsa native and has had pets as far back as she could remember.  Many of them include cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish.  Cathy has volunteered at the Tulsa SPCA and been a foster mom to sick fur kids or animals looking for their forever home.  She currently has two cats, Beamer, a black domestic short haired cat who is 14 and Sadie, a white, short haired Polydactyl who is 15.  She loves to spoil them with toys and plays hide and seek with them.  Cathy has a degree in Social Work, but currently works full time at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and works part time as an EMT and volunteer firefighter.  Cathy loves to travel, swim, read, work out and spend time with her family who live in midtown.  She looks forward to caring for your pet and loving them as her own!

Mandy - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pet Sitting Tulsa - Dog Walking Tulsa

Mandy is Florida-born and grew up mostly in Tulsa, OK. She has been a pet lover since she was very little. Her large family always consisted of at least one cat, sometimes more, often an energetic dog, fish, birds, and at one point, turtles. Mandy bonded with the animals pretty quickly. She adopted her first dog in 2009 during college. Her name was Lola and Mandy called her “my brown-eyed girl.” Mandy does hope to adopt another pet one day. In in the meantime, she is thrilled to use her time at Sit Stay Play loving on your pets!

Sara - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pet Sitting Tulsa - Dog Walking Tulsa

Sara grew up in a small town in Arkansas and has been an animal lover ever since she can remember. Growing up, dogs and cats were a huge part of her family. Her parents taught her and her brother to love and care about all animals, they even had a pet squirrel! While walking dogs with her Mom at the animal shelter in Arkansas, Sara fell in love with two adorable pups and had to give them a forever home! They were a Pyrenees/Lab mix named Jasper, and a husky mix named Ozzy. They are spoiled rotten! Sara is an artist and graduated this past year with her degree in Fine Art. Shortly after she married her high school sweetheart, James, and moved from Arkansas to Tulsa! She loves meeting any new furry friends and looks forward to caring for your pets and giving them lots of love!

Mandi - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pet Sitting Tulsa - Dog Walking Tulsa

There are few things in life that Mandi loves more than animals! She tries to befriend every pet that she meets and feels like this job was made for her! Growing up, she always had at least one cat and dog in the house, and also had a variety of other pets from fish to gerbils! One of her end goals in life is to have a little farm with alpacas, chickens, goats, and more! Aside from loving animals, Mandi likes to stay busy by spending as much time with her fiance, family, and friends as possible! She also enjoys traveling, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, shopping, and crafting. She has an adorable pitbull named Munchkin and a sweet chunky kitty named Meow Meows. They are both VERY spoiled and they know that they rule the house! Mandi has even mastered homemade pupcakes and tuna cake to ensure that their birthdays are always extra special! She is excited to have the opportunity to show your pets the same love and care that her spoiled babies get daily.

Faith - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pet Sitting Tulsa - Dog Walking Tulsa

Faith is a Tulsa Native with a love for animals, especially doggies! Her first pets included a lively Jack Russell Terrier named Abby and three goldfish. In 2015, Faith fostered puppies with Animal Rescue Foundation until they found their fur-ever homes. Since then, she’s helped care for a bunch of different furry friends, from Chihuahuas to Huskies! Now, Faith is a rescue-dog mom to Daisy Doodle, a super sweet and ornery Maltichon that loves to be nearby her humans. A few years ago, Faith graduated from Rogers State University with a bachelor’s in English. In her free time, she enjoys writing creatively, reading, collecting vinyl, hiking, and spending time with her close friends and family. Faith is very excited to be a part of the Sit, Stay, Play pack, and she can’t wait to dote on your fur-baby!

Yvette - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pet Sitting Tulsa - Dog Walking Tulsa

Yvette has been an animal lover ever since she can remember. Her favorite memory is being a little girl at a park and walking up and touching a German shepherd on the ear. He was taller than her, but she knew he had a kind and gentle soul. Ever since that encounter, she has adored her own pets as well as her friends’. Even as a child she loved visiting friends who had pets. Snoopy, the poodle lived behind her, and Pooh Bear, the chihuahua mix lived around the corner. While Yvette walked her dog, Buffy, her friend walked Pooh Bear and they had many adventures together. Once the family moved to the country, she enjoyed the horses behind her and the cat next door, Toulouse.
She always had a dog growing up, but there is something about having your own that warms your heart. During College, there was Lacey, the shih tzu that even went to classes with her as a pup. Then there was Pepper, and her most recent, Parker.
Although all these pups have passed over the rainbow bridge, Yvette still finds connections with animals the most beautiful thing. There is not a furry friend living in her home right now, but she still has plenty of doggie friends. Hodi, lives behind her and comes to the fence for treats, Ms. Jones, Rebel, Ella and Lucy like walking by her house because she leaves treats at the end of the driveway. Ms. Honey, Summer, Archie, Zeus, Maverick and Goose love it when Yvette comes to visit because they know she keeps treats in her pocket.
So as the story goes, she still loves to visit friends who have pets and has found a way to extend that beyond her neighborhood and make new friends who she can love, and spoil.



Timi spent most of her life growing up just outside of Tulsa. Throughout childhood, her best friends were always animals, now in adulthood that is still often the case!
She has cared for dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, iguanas, chameleons, mice, scorpions, millipedes, ants, and countless spiders. She currently lives with her precious Chihuahua named Violet.
Timi has spent a lot of time traveling, and is happy to call Tulsa home. She works with kids at an in-home daycare, and does emotional wellness work with adults. You can often find her anywhere there’s good live music, or somewhere near the trees.

Ashley - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for Sit Stay Play in Tulsa, OK

Ashley is a Tulsa native with a love for animals, especially cats! An animal lover since birth, her earliest memories are not complete without her family’s circus of pets – two Huskies, Anna and Peanut, and two cats, Biscuit and Sammy. After they had all passed, her family adopted two long-haired cats, Kennedy and Dusty. In addition to taking care of her own pets, Ashley spent her middle and high school years pet-sitting for her neighbors! A few years ago, Ashley graduated with a BA in Communication Studies from ORU. She is now pursuing a Master’s in Professional Counseling from ORU and working at a mental health clinic. In her free time, she enjoys treasure hunting at her local thrift & antique stores, watching documentaries, trying new coffee shops with a good book, and taking long walks in the evenings. Ashley is SO excited to be a part of Sit Stay Play, and she can’t wait to love on your pet!



Debbi is an avid animal lover. She has 3 labs of her own (Sammy, Jaeger, and Bru). She loves taking them out on adventures to the lake for swimming which is their favorite activity! She also loves running her dog, Jaeger, in agility trials in Tulsa. They have won several blue ribbons together.


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